The RDMTA takes place roughly twice a year, in varying places in the region: Düsseldorf, Leuven, Mons, Münster and maybe others.
  • Organizers: Christian Michaux, Françoise Point, Immi Halupczok, Katrin Tent, Martin Hils, Raf Cluckers, Eva Leenknegt, Siegfried Van Hille
  • Speakers: Pablo Cubides Kovacsics, Nathanaël Mariaule, Dimitri Wyss
  • Date: Friday, 26th April 2019, 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Place: KU Leuven, Departement wiskunde (see Travel for instructions on how to get here and where to stay).The conference room is A00.144. The picture below gives you some further visual instructions:

Please register if you are interested in participating.

Previous meetings

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