Via highway E314 (A2)

Take exit Leuven (nr. 15). At the second traffic lights, turn right into Celestijnenlaan (Campus Arenberg). At your right side, you notice IMEC. Immediately after IMEC turn right, direction Arenberg III. The Department of Mathematics is situated on campus Arenberg III, in building B.

Your best bet for a parking spot is the big blue parking zone between buildings D and G on the map below, though quite often some parking spaces are available near buildings M and N.

Via highway E40 (from Brussels or Luik)

From the highway E40 take exit Leuven. This takes you onto the highway E314 (A2). Immediately take exit Leuven (nr. 15). Continue as above.

From the center of Leuven

Leave Leuven from Kapucijnenvoer (between Naamsepoort and Tervuursepoort) in the direction of the  E40. Continue about 800 meters, then turn left at the first traffic lights (Campus Arenberg). You enter Celestijnenlaan. Continue as above.


(Click on the map to obtain a larger version)

A note for GPS users

Many car navigation systems have trouble finding the entrance to the campus. The best strategy is to enter “Heverlee” as the city (or Leuven if your navigation system doesn’t know Heverlee) and then navigate to the intersection of the “Celestijnenlaan” and the “Kapeldreef”. From there on you can follow the green loop on the map above to access the parking zones.


There are two major airports in Belgium: Brussels Airport (BRU), the main airport situated close to Brussels, and Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL), operated by low cost airlines as Jet4you, Onair, Ryanair and Wizzair.

As Leuven is very close to Brussels’ main airport, we advise you to fly to this airport. It takes at least 2 hours to get from Charleroi to Leuven, but the direct train connection from Brussels Airport takes you to Leuven in about 15 minutes. Please be aware that certain low cost airlines will tend to pretend they fly to Brussels, but they actually mean Charleroi airport. At Brussels’ airport you can either take a taxi, train and even a bus (De Lijn 616 on platform A) which brings you directly to the university (Heverlee Celestijnenlaan). Click on the links for real time information when the buses pass by. Travel time is 50 minutes. Cost: €3.00


There is one general remark for coming to Leuven by train. Be sure you don’t take a train to “Louvain-la-Neuve”, those will lead you to the U.C.Louvain instead of to Leuven. To make it more confusing, when the Belgian railways talk about Leuven in French speaking or bilingual areas, they use Louvain. If they talk about Louvain-la-Neuve, they always mention the full name.

Departing from Brussels airport

From Brussels airport, you can take a direct train to Leuven. Go to the -1 floor, where you can buy tickets. If you take a direct train to Leuven, it will take about 15 minutes to arrive in Leuven station. Cost €8.80

Find out how to get to the campus from the station

Other connections

  • If you arrive in Brussels South Station by a high speed train (Eurostar, TGV, Thalys), you can take a direct train to Leuven. Cost €5.30
  • People coming from the Netherlands by Antwerp might find it easier changing in Antwerp or Mechelen, depending on the type of train (Thalys or international train).
  • People coming from Germany by high speed train might find it easier changing in Liège (Guillemins)and taking a direct train to Leuven from there onwards.

For more information about the train hours, please visit the site of the Belgian railways.


By bus

In Leuven take bus number 2, direction “Campus”. Tickets are sold on the bus. The bus stops at several places: the central square (Rector De Somerplein zone C) and at the station of Leuven platform 5. Make sure the bus indicates “Campus” as destination. Get off at the last exit, exit “Campus”. This exit is situated on campus Arenberg III, next to building A on the map and near building B, the Department of Mathematics.

On platform 3 you can also take bus 616, which takes a more direct route to Celestijnenlaan. For information and a schedule, take a look at the website of De Lijn.

By taxi

From Leuven center or Leuven station, a taxi drive to campus will cost about 10 euro.


If you have time and the weather is nice, you might consider walking to campus and in the city center. It is quite nice. Take a look at this map.

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